LPC1227 bootloader and Visual Basic

Started by xxtigerxx, October 12, 2012, 06:23:53 AM

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I am new with flashmagic

I am using LPC1227 in a application and i have USB connection throw FTDI ( FT232)  IC to UART of LPC1227.

The application is writen with IAR compiler of ARM.

There is a application in Windows ( Visual Basic 6.0) to config and monitor the application.

So i would like to upgrade the software of the LPC1227 throw USB.

Can Flashmagic production help me.

1) Does it have bootloader code for IAR compiler?
2) How can i connect LPC1227 with USB to make the bootloader?
3) Does it have security code so noone else can write to LPC1227?
4) DLL file or source code for in C,C++ to use it with me windows aplication to program the LPC1227?

Thanks in advance

Andy Ayre

The UART bootloader is built into the device and always present.

To start the bootloader mode the device must be reset with the ISP entry pin held low. This pin varies depending on the device you should consult the device manual from NXP for details.

You can set the "Code Read Protection" (CRP) value to protect your code. This is a 32-bit value written to location 0x2FC. Search for "CRP" in the device manual from NXP for details.

Flash Magic Production System provides a C-based DLL that allows you to access the UART-based bootloader.

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