Started by atuldixit, March 08, 2013, 01:09:52 AM

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Dear All,
            We have NGX blueboard with us with LPC1768 module.Its working fine and all application are running.
For our product developement we designed LPC1768 stamp module which is compatible with NGX blueboard but now the problem is we are able program it only once (first time).but none of the functions are working. Again we tried to reprogram it but could not. It is showing error message as:
"Operation Failed. Failed to autobaud - step 1."
All my connection are OK.
Serial ports  0 & 1 are working fine.

Can anybody suggest what could be solution?


I would say it is a connection problem. check them again.
Or probably you are using a wrong com port. check to see if you choose the same com port as your microcontroller is connected to the computer