Need help to program gtech pro with LPC2148

Started by A.Dutsov, December 21, 2013, 08:36:52 AM

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 Need help to reflash my gtech pro, i am not good with hyperterminal and com port debugging so i cant check all things alone. I tried 3 different computers, one with real com port, one with 2 different usb to com port cables, and one with pcmcia rs232 com port converter ... all they say same, Operation Failed. Failed to autobaud - step 1. See
All i do is follow the gtech pro flash manual, and i do it exactly like it is there, use chip LPC2148, com port number from device manager, baud rates changed and tested all of them ... None(ISP) oscillator 12mhz .. from advanced menu hw config DTR unchecked and when i try to read device signature i got the problem autobaud ... so please somebody to help me debug my problem. Thanks ;)

Andy Ayre

The URL in the error message gives you lots of suggestions to try. Please try them and post back the results.

Or you could call technical support for GTech - as they know their own hardware and can be more specific with what to look at.

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