Remove Security bits in P89C51RD2HBA

Started by Utsavi Bharuchwala, March 27, 2017, 10:27:20 PM

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Utsavi Bharuchwala


I am working with P89C51RD2(PLCC package). I purchase a new IC. Start to program using flash magic. When I press Start, it shows a message "Security bit 1 is set".

And from ISP->ReadSecurity, I come to know that Security bits 1, 2 and 3 all are set.

I want to remove these security bits. From study I come to know that, By full chip erase and downloading Bootloader it can be solve.

But Bootloader of P89C51RD2 is not found. Can anybody provide me the link to download it.

One more thing , Parallel programming is the solution but Can I do the parallel programming with PLCC package?

If yes then please provide the steps to do that.

I go through  which provides the steps to update bootloader for P89V51RD2. Is this steps are same for P89C51RD2 updating bootloader??

Utsavi Bharuchwala

Andy Ayre

You bought a new chip that has been out of production for years? I am skeptical that you bought a genuine part. If it is genuine then I think it has been reclaimed from some old product - that is why it is locked. New parts are not locked. I would return it for a refund.

My advice is to not start a new project on an obsolete chip - switch to ARM-Cortex or something else that is still in production and supported.

Yes you can do parallel programming with the PLCC package. We don't have any information on doing that - you would need to remove it from it's socket and put it into the programmer. I would expect there are many available.

P89C51RD2 and P89V51RD2 are completely different. Only the part names are similar. Instructions for one do not apply to the other.

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