FlashMagicCortex.Reset usage question

Started by matterama, December 28, 2018, 10:23:31 AM

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We have been using the API successfully to program and verify a LPC1317 device.  We have been manually cycling power on it after programming to continue with our application code.  However, it seems like this command:  FlashMagicCortex.Reset should allow us to reset the chip.  We have tried:

FlashMagicCortex.Reset(ResetTypes.EXECUTE, 0, ResetOptions.THUMB, 500)


FlashMagicCortex.Reset(ResetTypes.RESET, 0, ResetOptions.THUMB, 500)


Is this the correct API command to do what we are attempting?  If so, can you give more guidance on this function?

Thank you!