89c51rd2 getting damaged.

Started by A.shah, May 12, 2004, 07:35:38 AM

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I am using 89c51rd2bn for my development work, and using flshmagic as a tool..But most of the ic's gets damged after few programming. i.e. they cannot be programmed again. Is there any solution??

Andy Ayre

Could be lots of reasons. Are you taking anti-static precautions? Have you verified that your power supply is stable, glich and ripple free? Is your ground ok too? Any problems with the signals on the XTAL pins?

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This has nothing to do with programming/FlashMagic per se, but I have seen damage when the PC and the attached uC board are having wild differences in (dynamic) ground potential.  If the only time you use the serial port is for programming, I would have a look at this.