3 Pulses RESET for LPC932

Started by Joseph Goldburg, June 15, 2004, 07:12:07 AM

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Joseph Goldburg

Hi All,

How does Flash Magic generate the timing requirements for the
3 pulse reset method using the RTS and DTR?.... Since MS windows is very timing inaccurate?


Andy Ayre

It sends out three bytes FFH, FFH, FFH. When you invert this signal, the start bits become the three pulses and the 8 data bits along with the stop bit and any delay between the bytes becomes the time between the pulses. So in order to set the pulse width (which is the crucial timing requirement) you pick an appropriate baud rate. In this case it is 57600 baud.

However this method requires circuitry to support it. If you read the Flash Magic application note on hardware entry using DTR and RTS the operation of the circuit is explained.

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