Interfacing Flashmagic with KEIL

Started by Mohit Gupta, May 22, 2003, 08:34:10 AM

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Mohit Gupta

I am now using phillips P89C51RD2HBP with flash magic.  I am compiling the C program using Keil software.

Now, I am able to do the ISP programming of the chip independently using flash magic software.  However, if I try to integrate the flash magic into the IDE of Keil, I am not able to do so.  

When I use the command
DEVICE(89C51RD2Hxx, 11.0592) COM(1, 19200) ERASE(0,PROTECTISP)
it erases the chip

However when I am using the command as given in the flash Magic manual section 9.2:
DEVICE(89C51RD2Hxx, 11.0592) HEXFILE(test.hex, NOCHECKSUMS,NOFILL) COM(1, 19200)

it gives the ERROR message:
ERROR: Invalid PArameters for HEXFILE directive: HEXFILE(d:\test.hex,NOCHECKSUMS,NOFILLS)

I have tried to give different combinations for the HEXFILE directive but the same message appears.

Please Help.

Andy Ayre

I see in your error message you have the parameter "NOFILLS", but it should be "NOFILL". Check you did not enter it incorrectly.

Also, later versions of Flash Magic require a fourth parameter called protectisp, described fully in the manual. Normally this will be set to "PROTECTISP", so try:


Always make sure you check the manual and release notes for changes when updating to a new version of Flash Magic.

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Mohit Gupta

Thanks,  I am now able to link the flashmagic with KEIL IDE