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Can you please link me to a download of working software .  i have version 4,5 .
 i am not sure they work properly as message jumps from time to time .
and a ch340 driver to win 7 64bit .
Thank you


Hi Andy ,

the seller sent me new files and software , it seems to fix the device . what make me thinks that i can not trust the programming software i got from seller .
as it seems to be unstable , what software can i use to write Hex files to P89V51RD2 using ISP ? ( using USB cable with ch340 chip )

Best regards

Hi Andy
well i did as in the guide for Fixing the SoftICE mode , how do i know it solved the problem ?
something is still wrong , the chip does not function properly ,  the ISP works . but it lost it original function .( the DMX300 display stopped working ).,
 i will test it functionality today maybe just display issue .


H Andy ,

i have managed to program the chip . thank you , but on the way i think i damaged to boot-loader . the chip seems to program successfully but it does not work  ,(it stopped working when i have tried to communicate with it ) i think by mistake i have used the P89C51 settings by mistake , i have read its a common issue , i have tried to follow a guide to repair it but i did not manged to understand what was going on at that guide .

just in case i have a parallel programmer (easypro90b ) can it help solve my problem ?
do you have a simple solution ?


Hi Andy ,

i do not have any reset button on the card (DMX300 device )  how can i reset the CPU ?
in what pin  do i need to check " U " signal?

while playing with the boud rate it seems that i have changed somthing in the chip as its original software has been changed (it has stopped working ) .


Hello , My name is Amit and i am new in this forum .

as i mentioned in the topic , i have a device called DMX512  . it a smart light controller .
i have tried to communicate with the controller according to manual . with out any luck  , i even got the chip to stop working while trying to communicate with it .
i have only tried to read data . 

the DMX512 use mini Usb which have only 4 pins (GND ,TXD,RXD,+5v) .
How do i get it to ISP mode ?

the USB driver in my computer seems to work as i can see the ch340 USB TO SERIAL in the device manager .
while using the flash magic i tried different baud rates , different Freq  ,and even different protocols. no luck with reading the chip (or programing it ) .

i have the original Hex File (of the DMX512 )  i would like to try and reprogram it to make the DMX work again . any help is welcome


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