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Hello , My name is Amit and i am new in this forum .

as i mentioned in the topic , i have a device called DMX512  . it a smart light controller .
i have tried to communicate with the controller according to manual . with out any luck  , i even got the chip to stop working while trying to communicate with it .
i have only tried to read data . 

the DMX512 use mini Usb which have only 4 pins (GND ,TXD,RXD,+5v) .
How do i get it to ISP mode ?

the USB driver in my computer seems to work as i can see the ch340 USB TO SERIAL in the device manager .
while using the flash magic i tried different baud rates , different Freq  ,and even different protocols. no luck with reading the chip (or programing it ) .

i have the original Hex File (of the DMX512 )  i would like to try and reprogram it to make the DMX work again . any help is welcome


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