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P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Re: Flash magic is not erasing 89v51rd2
« on: December 21, 2016, 06:19:06 pm »
I have bought 15 nxp89v51rd2; i am using flash magic (version 7.72) to program it; out of 15 mc only 5 mc got programmed; for rest of the micro controller i am getting the issue; It shows reset the device into isp mode now, then if I press reset, nothing happens. So I thought it as a bootloader problem and I downloaded the bootloader from your site and programmed the micro-controller using TOP Universal programmer; After that I put it back on target board and tried to re-program it, now again it shows "reset the device to isp mode now" and i press reset, it works and goes to "erasing device......" after that nothing happens, it can not erase the device.
So I thought it as a configuration bit issue and used the TOP universal programmer to read the config bit for good microcontroller and non-working microcontroller; I found the working micro controller has following configuration "0x60=22 and 0x61=42"; but the non-working micro controller shows "0x60=0f and 0x61=02".
I need your help to solve the issue

Do you find out solution for this problem? if can pls help me how to fix? thank you.

P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Re: Can't program p89v51RD2FA...AC
« on: December 20, 2016, 01:28:47 am »
hi guy,
I have same problem with you. I have been using the P89V51RB2FA with PHILIPS logo on chip and i can program it very good. But now i buy some new P89V51RD2FA with NXP logo on chip ending with A0 and i can't program it. When i click Start a popup appear with message "Reset the device in to ISP mode now" and i press reset button on circuit boad then nothing happens, the popups still there and status information bar view "Attempting to connect..." untill i press Cancel. I used same circuit board and configuration Flash Magic software which i use with the 89V51RB2FA. Anyone can help me with this problem? Sorry about my basic English.

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