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ARM Cortex / Enabling CRP (working with IAR)
February 03, 2012, 06:24:31 AM
I am working with LPC1764 and IAR compiler. I am trying to enable CRP in my code but I can't. Flash Magic always say to me "CRP is disabled" (I tried with two different boards and always test it through a power cycle).

I tried two options:
1) Writing this code in main, but it doesn't work because is for KEIL

const unsigned long crp __attribute__ ((at(0x2FC))) = 0x87654321;

2) Adding this to startup_LPC17xx.s after Default interrupt handlers and before END. I attached the file.

DCD 0x87654321

Flash Magic works perfectly, I can read memory, erase, program, etc. But I can't protect my board.
I read the UM10360 and AN10851.
What am I doing wrong?