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General Discussion / Basics
July 01, 2007, 10:11:08 PM
my name is chinni krishna
i am a +2 student going for engineering in ECE stream
i am using a P89V51RD2 MCU on a board bought frm TRI Techno solutions
i am a good programmer of C and C++

my problem is i am not able to understand anything about microprocessors
i don't know where to start
so plz kindly suggest me good books tat makes me understand micros fully and tat can get me into the position of implementing my own circuit boards
plz help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
ya i ignored the warning in red
is there any way i can get back my chip to working position
i mean by usng a flash programmer r any other thing
i am using P89V51RD2.It used to work fine until i connceted to PC.i used flash day i cliked on device configuration and simply cliked on RUN USER CODE.It showed a warning tat flashmagic won't be able to  communicate with it the micro if i do it.but out of curiosity i did so and the next time wen i want to burn a program it is showing the message."RESET THE DEVICE INTO ISP MODE NOW".I am actually using this chip on a board made by TRI called iBoard.IT has onboard 555 timer IC for resetting the board.But even i press that button it is not wat i did is i got a new mcu and replaced the old one and it is working fine but again due to my curiosity i did the same thing and lost tat one plz kindly tell me how to bring the MCU back to ISP mode ASAP.i am +2 student and knows only programming nothing abt electioncs except soldering and reading circuits etc...
plz help me out