89LPC936 ISP programming

Started by Valery Puchkov, June 27, 2005, 03:09:02 AM

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Valery Puchkov

I successfully programmed uCU 89LPC935 (having 8 Kb code memory)
with Keil uv2 and Flash Magic v 1.95. Now I am trying 89LPC936.
It has 16 Kb code memory. This device is absent in the device list
of Flash Magic. So I select  89LPC935. Everything is OK until my
program is less than 8 Kb. When in exceeds this amount it does not
work. I understand that the problem arises because 89LPC936 is not
supported at the time by Flash Magic. Anyway, can I use Flash
Magic in some way to solve my problem?

Andy Ayre

The LPC936 was added in Flash Magic 2.06. We are now at version 2.30. Please download the latest version. Thanks.

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Pratik Vyas

Hello Valery,

I am new to the world of uP's, I have built an application around LPC922, works well on Keil uV2 simulator.

Now we need to programm the chip, could you please explain how it can be done using uV2 and flash magic, that is what hardware needs to be built and the procedure to follow.



Andy Ayre

For ISP copy the Keil MCB900 circuit. For ICP copy the Keil MCB900 circuit, use an LPC935 programmed as the bridge and then connect the LPC935 to the LPC922. See the Philips application note on the Flash Magic web page regarding ICP.

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hi ,
i am also using 89lpc935 ,i am new in lpc series ,can u guide me
how to simulate lpc935  code using keil 2 since ,i am having
keil 2 but device is not supported
if u can answer me its very nice thing for me
awating for ur reply

Andy Ayre

It's probably better to ask your question on the forums at www.keil.com. This forum is for ISP questions, sorry...

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It would also help if YOu asked in English instead of Stupid Monkey ****