Start Bootloader/Send Break Condition doesn't work with newer flash magic v3.*'s

Started by jhans, August 28, 2007, 06:20:12 AM

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For some reason I cannot get Flash Magic to go into bootloader mode by sending a break condition with any newer version of Flash Magic.  Before we found that this was the problem, we were running around in circles trying to find out why some computers were able to program and others were not.  We then found that the computers that Did work had Flash Magic v2.44 or v2.49 installed.  If I download and install any from v3.2's to the most recent v3.64, we cannot program with the bootloader.  I have to manually jumper the reset pin on the keil boards.  Is their something unique with the newer versions that we are not setting up correctly?  Any help would be great.


Je Gold

Hi Jhans,

To trigger Break Detect ---> ISP

Have you

a) EBRR bit (AUXR1.6)  = 1

b) Checked with a CRO on the RxD pin that break has been sent.

Definition of Break : A break is detected when 11 consecutive bits are sensed low.

IE...  11 bit widths are low....  eg    Break period = 11 * ( 1/9600)       if 9600 baud.

By checking (b) at the RxD pin micro  and the TxD pin of the PC can see if a break is sent and if it has reached the micro RxD pin.