LPC1766: Wrong Signatur?

Started by lpc1766, August 30, 2009, 01:53:11 AM

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Since there is no Section for the LPC17xx Series, i choose the LPC2xxx Area :)

I want to programm a LPC1766 and FlashMagic (5.32) tells me that the Signature ist wrong  ???
It reads the Signature as 0x26013733. But that would be the right Signature for the LPC1765 according to the Flash Magic List.
My Chip is clearly labeled with LPC1766.

Bug in FlashMagic?

Andy Ayre

Table 585 in version 00.07 of the LPC17xx user manual from NXP shows the LPC1766 signature as 0x26013F33, which is what Flash Magic expects. The user manual shows the LPC1765 signature as 0x26013733.

I suspect you have an early device that is either incorrectly labeled or has the wrong signature. You can disable the signature checking in the advanced options.

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To solve the "Problem":
The NXP Support said it is a Engineering Sample and the Signature is not the same like the "real" one...