how to connect external crystal oscillator with p89lpc936?

Started by sri, March 01, 2014, 06:14:35 AM

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I have problem in programming with p89lpc936. The internal RC oscillator type of programs are programmed well, and working properly. But when I choose the external oscillator, problem occurs. In this manner I have lost 14 IC's.

herewith i have attached my problem detail.
The error message image also attach with it.

Please help to rectify my problem.

Andy Ayre

Please don't describe problems in attachments. The attachment is not searchable.

Put a scope on the XTAL pins - do you see sine waves? What frequency are they? Are they clean?

Put a scope on the RxD and TxD pins. Do you see the 'U' going in from Flash Magic and nothing going out?

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