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2.trouble: That is my guess.
I think in reference to the issue below:  flashmagic programming/flash procedure lasts much more longer (sinking flash procedure velocity {That is my guess} )

Hello Andy (Andrew Ayre),

i have problem with flashmagic (Version 5.74) in corporation with USB In-Circuit Programmer for LPC9XX     from
(the _USB-ICP-LPC9XX from FDI _is up to date (firmware USB-ICP v1.07) )

i flash P89LPC936 new procurement: datecode on the chip --->
CR6412   01  TnD0947A


i flash P89LPC936 older procurement: datecode on the chip --- >
CM1836   04  TuD0836A

with the new one controllers i get error message in flashmagic:
""the device signature does not match the expected values""

older one is all ok !
comically - please help me

and "yes"  - i have turned off the signature checking in the advanced options
problem is fixed temporarily (turn off signature checking but velocity is still bad)


LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / icp isp bridge 1.5
October 17, 2005, 12:37:08 AM
i look for icp isp bridge v 1.5

when it comes???
LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / Re: isp-icp P89LPC936
September 21, 2005, 06:10:28 AM
no, no way,

a total erase has no effect,

i can not erase the additional security byte  (in BOOTSTAT byte),

this is a part of the user manual of the lpc936:

Boot Status (BOOTSTAT) bit description

bit 5  AWP Activate Write Protection bit. When this bit is cleared, the internal Write Enable flag is forced to the set
state, thus writes to the flash memory are always enabled. When this bit is set, the Write Enable internal
flag can be set or cleared using the Set Write Enable (SWE) or Clear Write Enable (CWE) commands.

bit 6  CWP Configuration Write Protect bit. Protects inadvertent writes to the user programmable configuration
bytes (UCFG1, BOOTVEC, and BOOTSTAT). If programmed to a logic 1, the writes to these registers
are disabled. If programmed to a logic 0, writes to these registers are enabled.
This bit is set by programming the BOOTSTAT register. This bit is cleared by writing the Clear
Configuration Protection (CCP) command to FMCON followed by writing 96H to FMDATA.

bit 7  DCCP Disable Clear Configuration Protection command. If Programmed to
LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / isp-icp P89LPC936
September 20, 2005, 01:44:45 AM
ISP-ICP bridge       used on P89LPC936


flashmagic version 2.39
device 89lpc936
additional security bits can not be set by isp-icp bridge code !  
i can not programm the ucfg bits by isp-icp bridge code (version 1.4), because i can not reprogram the additional security bits back to zero !
programming and reprogramming of the hex file works good
only the additional security bits can not be set back !

please help me quickly




i use flashmagic with icp isp bridge and mcb900 from keil

i flash a lpc922

i can flash a programm with 100 bytes ---> it work

but when i flash a programm with 7600 bytes it does not work

what is the problem???

have anyone once try to flash the hole flash memory of 8k by icp overwriting the isp code from philips ???

please help me!

Old Topics / lpc 922 / 932 with icp isp bridge
October 13, 2004, 01:05:41 AM
1. Problem

If there are uncertain startup conditions (as there are many in the field)
the 922 pointer can startup with random content and thus damage the content of the (flash) program memory!!!
The chip will start up with changed code or dont even start-up again.

2. Problem

i will program a lpc922 with bridge isp icp version 1.3 !!

can i get the source-code? from prog90x.hex ??

i need the C code like this from Bauke Siderius

of version 1.3 (with crc check)

this is only the hex file: